Q: Which cryptocurrencies are supported by the Crypto Options Calculator?

The Crypto Options Calculator supports options pricing for the majority of top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and more. We regularly update our list of supported coins to ensure the calculator remains relevant and useful for our users. Do reach out if you have any suggestions.

Q: Can I use the Crypto Options Calculator for free?

Yes, the Crypto Options Calculator is a free tool designed to help traders and investors price their cryptocurrency options.

Q: How accurate are the option prices calculated by the Crypto Options Calculator?

The Crypto Options Calculator uses historical volatility data to substitute for Implied Volatility and uses the Black-Sholes model for pricing the options requested. However, please note that past performance is not indicative of future results, as historical volatility is not a perfect stand-in for implied volatility.

Q: How often is the historical volatility data updated?

The historical volatility data is everyday at roughly 12am GMT / 8am SGT to ensure the most up to date data is used. However, users have the option to input their own volatility figures if they prefer to use a specific data set for their calculations.

Q: Can I customize the parameters used in the option pricing calculations?

Yes, the Crypto Options Calculator allows users to customize various parameters, including interest rates, implied volatility, and the days to maturity, to suit their needs.

Q: I have some suggestions or feedback, how can I reach the team?

Crypto Options Calculator is a free to use tool designed by the PsyFi DAO. Feel free to reach out through twitter or discord to share feedback with the team.

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